Are You Struggling To Understand Why Your Experience Of The World Is So Intense?

  • Are you quick to scrutinize your own behavior and judge yourself harshly?
  • Do you have perfectionist tendencies and feel disappointed with yourself when you fail to achieve excellence?
  • Are you struggling with anxiety or depression and/or have you been diagnosed with a disorder such as ADHD or bipolar disorder?
  • Are you very sensitive to ideas, people, and experiences – perhaps even to an exhausting degree?
  • Do you wish you could find fulfillment in your life?

Maybe, as a child, you were often told that you were too smart to receive poor grades, but school and homework bored you. Or, perhaps you excelled in school and felt out of place among your peers. As an adult, you may still find that people often do not understand your rapid-fire thoughts and quick observations. You may feel plagued by the feeling that you don’t belong or that you are an impostor who hasn’t earned your success.

You may feel isolated and exhausted. Perhaps you are struggling with anxiety and depression, especially when you consider large questions about your place in the universe. Maybe existential doubts follow you throughout your days, and you can’t help but wonder about the purpose of it all. Despite all of the external success or good things you might have in your life, you may still struggle with a lack of fulfillment. And, if you hold extremely high standards for yourself and worry that others do the same, you may feel challenged to form supportive connections and reach out for help.

If You Are Intelligent and Sensitive, You Are Not Alone

Gifted individuals appear in many shapes and sizes, with a wide variety of skills, goals, careers and lifestyles. Often, they do not realize that they are gifted, especially during childhood and adolescence. You may have always had the sense that you were different from other people, but lacked the words to articulate that difference. If this – along with the questions above – sounds like you, it is likely that you are a gifted individual in need of particularized support and guidance.

Because gifted individuals are so often misunderstood or misdiagnosed with behavioral disorders, they can feel isolated and struggle with internal stress. If you have not had opportunities to interact with other highly sensitive and intelligent people, or if you have always struggled to find satisfaction with your life, you may believe that something is wrong with you. On the contrary, you are in possession of incredible gifts.

Therapy for Gifted Individuals Can Help You Unlock and Enjoy Your Unique Skills, Talents and Perceptions

For many years, I have been helping gifted individuals who are struggling to find self-acceptance and fulfillment in their lives. Through therapy, I can help you reframe your sensitivities and explore their sources. Even if you have spent your life fearing that you were broken, you can begin to feel empowered and learn to appreciate your sensitivities as a part of your amazing capacity to process information quickly and completely. Your unique capacities and your ability to absorb your experiences does not make you “wrong.” Rather, they allow you to feel and respond in different ways that can open up the potential for amazing life experiences.

In therapy sessions, I utilize a combination of talk therapy and the Hakomi method, which is strongly centered on the experience of mindfulness. As we work together, I can help you develop a toolbox of skills that allows you to better communicate your needs, recognize unpleasant situations as separate from your identity, and embrace greater self-acceptance and self-compassion. In addition, I respond to your needs and desires in every therapy session and adapt my approach accordingly. This collaborative process is essential for gifted individuals. Together, we can process the inventory of your experiences. I value your unique, perceptive insight, and – as an experience guide – can help you shed new light on past and present experiences in order to recognize root causes of pain, unease or discomfort. Therapy can be the beginning of an exciting unfolding personal transformation.

With the help and support of an experienced therapist, you can become better able to recognize your true nature and stop judging or criticizing yourself for the things that make you unique. Looking at yourself through the lens of high capacity rather than brokenness can change the direction of your life. For example, you may find that you don’t feel fulfilled in your career because it just isn’t stimulating enough for you. You may discover that you can embrace your experiences in a new way and try things you never thought of before. When you better understand yourself, confidence ensues and an astonishing potential for meaning, purpose and direction can open up for you.

You may feel resistant to the idea of therapy for gifted individuals. And, that’s okay. Talking to someone about your experiences can be intimidating, especially if you doubt that you are, indeed, gifted. However, if you are experiencing symptoms of depression and/or anxiety, or if you simply feel lost, therapy can help you find a direction and live with greater contentment, optimism and acceptance.

No matter how long you have been weighed down by existential doubts or feelings of isolation, you can develop new, practical skills that empower you to communicate and function with greater ease. And, you can develop a clearer vision of all of the unique gifts that you possess.

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