Are You Weighed Down With Emptiness and Longing?

  • Have you worked hard to meet goals in your life, but still feel a lack of meaning?
  • Do you struggle with a low mood and persistent sadness?
  • Do you find that you are not interested in or enthusiastic about things that once brought you joy?
  • Have you experienced increased lethargy or a sensation of heaviness in your body?
  • Do wish you could find a way through the disillusionment and feel at peace in your life?

Depression can make every day feel dismal, empty, lonely, and hard. Perhaps you struggle to get out of bed in the morning and then move through your day with a sense of heaviness and dread. Even if you find yourself occupied by the obligations of life, by the end of the day, you may still feel dragged down by the nagging thought that most of your life is void of meaning.

Even if you have achieved what society may call “success,” you may still be plagued with existential doubts. Perhaps your experience of emotions and sensations is very intense, making it challenging to cope with those feelings without shutting down. Or, maybe you’ve recently experienced a significant, challenging life event – such as a divorce, a move, a career change or a loss – that has led you to wonder about the point of it all. Or, perhaps a traumatic event has shaken your sense of security and comfort in the world. Regardless of the source of your depression, you may feel unfulfilled, isolated, and ready for a change.

Depression Affects the Lives of Many Adults

You are not alone in your struggle with depression. In today’s society of long commutes, never-ending to-do lists, and the faceless Internet, there is far less connection between people. For many, this means there is also less time and fewer opportunities to explore one’s inner life. In addition, many people hesitate to talk to friends or family members about what they are going through out of a fear of judgment or becoming ostracized. It’s not uncommon for people struggling with depression to feel as though no one else experiences these feelings of emptiness or dread, but in reality, very few people are openly talking about the sensations and experiences causing them pain. This can lead to feelings of isolation, which may only add to the other complicated emotions that make up depression.

You may find that your experience of the world is often intense. Perhaps you wonder if something is “wrong” with you because you move through your days with a heightened awareness of what is going on around you. Or, maybe you have found that you move through a fog, which provides some relief from your sadness, sensitivity, and existential doubt, but which also makes you feel cut off from satisfaction and peace. No matter what shape your depression takes, depression treatment can help you find relief.

Depression Treatment Can Offer Relief and Empower You to Find Contentment

I have been working with individuals struggling with depression for nearly 20 years. I understand how frustrating and discouraging it can be to feel as though you can’t enjoy your life, no matter how hard you work to meet your goals. In depression treatment, I can help you reframe your approach to your emotions. Depression affects many highly intelligent, highly sensitive people. Rather than regarding your feelings of confusion or longing as something that is wrong – which can be incredibly destructive to your sense of self-worth – I can help you reframe your negative thoughts and focus on all of the things that are right in your life and unique about your worldview.

During depression treatment sessions, I use an approach that combines talking and mindfulness. Based in the concepts of compassion and nonviolence, the Hakomi method is centered on the body. Along with a focus of mindfulness, this highly-effective therapy can help you develop a greater awareness of your experiences while you develop tools to break out of the old patterns that are not longer be useful to you. In sessions, I will also tailor our therapy approach to work with your specific needs – even as they change from day-to-day.

I can guide you through different approaches so that you feel comfortable in and benefit from the therapy experience. We will do the mindfulness work, but I can also help you develop tips, tricks, and problem-solving techniques that you can use every day. And, whether you are currently using antidepressant medication, want to use medication, or want to stop using medication, I can help you make the most of your decision.

With time and the willingness to engage in depression treatment, you can begin to lighten your experience of existential depression and come to feel more energetic and at ease in your life. You can develop healthy methods of releasing deeply held emotions. By changing patterns of self-criticism, self-doubt, and self-judgment, you can become better equipped to view your experience of the world in a positive light. The willingness to acknowledge and address your depression is a huge first step toward overcoming it.

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